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The Lacuna Tile Collection: Jada Schumacher for Clay Imports

A lacuna is the moment before you leap into a lake, a gap with promise, an exquisite opportunity for the new. Well, yes, that lovely gap on your floor is also the ideal place to set some stylish new tiles and launch into what’s next.

Seersucker Tile

in black, white, and terracotta

8 x 8 x .375 inches. glazed clay.


Meet Seersucker tiles—a polished version of the timeless puckered fabric. When you get your hands on these sleek beauties, we guarantee you’ll be a sucker for textiles, too.

Whirl Tile

in garnet, tangerine, black, and teal

8 x 8 x .375 inches. glazed clay.


Let the Whirl tile dance across your floor. We're thinking more the tango than the Texas two-step, but it’s really your call.

Houndstooth Tile

in matte blush, sterling, burnt orange, or taupe

6 x 6 x 5.5 inches. glazed clay.


Go bold or go classic in houndstooth, an iconic weave that is ever on trend. Once these tiles bolt up your walls, your friends, too, will want to hunt them down for their own abode.

Spin Tile

in matte storm, matte snow, or high gloss dark blue

6 x 6 x .5 inches. glazed clay.


Think wavy shapes on stretches of sand and sangria on patterned patios. Channel the gracious hospitality of the South of Spain with this minimalist, modern take on the visual delight of the Mediterranean coast.