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Still Installation at The Overture Center for the Arts in Madison, Wisconsin

Home life can be filled with babies, cobbler, floral upholstery, and lavender-infused cleaning products and is often assumed, by definition and by biological programming, to be a nurturing and life-sustaining nest. But, the likes of a hollow marriage or a passive-aggressive roommate become hidden toxins in the supposedly sacredly safe home realm. This colorful garb gives astute sartorialists the astounding capacity to purge what is ruinous and leave behind the physical and emotional constraints.

Target Rug Dress

70 x 18 x 144 inches. cotton-blend fabric, zipper.

Circular rug unzips from dress to leave a target laying on the floor.

Barnacle Belt (or when-did-this-relationship-become-parasitic-and-start-ruining-my-waistline?) (detail)

48 x 18 x 16 inches. wool suiting, polyester blend fabric.

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