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Orange Room

Stoic yet tongue-and-cheek minimalism flavors Orange Room. In this immersive reinterpretation of furniture archetypes, salivate over orange for its juicy existence as a fruit and as a color in the spectrum. 



Still Life With Oranges (above)

53 x 29 x 2 inches. resin, oranges. 

Still Life with Oranges and Column Orange

53 x 29 x 2 inches. resin, oranges.


In Orange Room, the slicing of material with color in its thickness as well as on its surfaces created unexpected reflections, refractions, and light pools. As legendary colorist Henri Matisse might have said as his interns peeled paper chunks off the walls in the Mediterranean light, the chosen material ingredients allow the artist to “carve into color." Eat it up, friends, Orange Room offers true chromatic indulgence.

Orange-and-Dart Molding

29 x 6 x 6 inches. resin, oranges.


In this immersive reinterpretation of design typologies, orange-and-dart molding rethinks fertility symbolism of classical architecture's egg-and-dart molding.

Column Orange and Ribbon Splat (top left)

29 x 39 x 4 inches and 96 x 27 x 12 inches. resin, oranges.


Ribbon Splat (yep, it is much taller than the back of a Chippendale Chair) stands tall while Column Orange (which has only red and blue layers of resin) filters light to create new colors of white, purple, and pink.


Orange Window Seat (top right and just above)

66 x 4 x 4 inches. resin, orange. 2006.


Solid resin slabs overlap to capture and transform light, even on drippy cloudy days.