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Baby Burpers (burping cloths inspired by global fountains)

24 x 8 x .25 inches. organic cotton sateen, organic flannel. made in USA.


Drippily irregular with soft-toned colors so it won’t be quite so clear where the spit up hit.

Bellagio Burper in Creamsicle: Whether in Italy or Vegas, Bellagio rings of opulent fountains and true decadence. This burper is meant to keep you luxe and chic while the babe fountains up breakfast.


Berlin Burper in Lemon (above): Let your baby’s early morning spray mingle with the fresh graffiti of the Berlin hipsters. As luck would have it, infants inherently know how to tag things.


Trafalgar Burper in Pink: A huge bubbler right in London proper. Let your sweet little one gurgle amidst the grace and orderliness of the Brits.


Antalya Burper in Sky: Wax idyllic with patience as strong as Turkish coffee with those late nights up with the little one.

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